Our Philosophy

We understand that each person who enters our office has a unique and distinctive financial situation.
No two people are alike; therefore no two strategies or solutions should be alike.

  • Our team works to create individualized solutions for each client, no matter what stage of life you're in or entering.
  • We do not rely on stock pricing and market timing. We act as objective, independent financial advisor representatives.
  • We know there's no "silver bullet" investment strategy to beat the markets consistently or predictably.
  • We don't "promise" returns. Our approach is based on planning for and focused on achieving your financial goals.
  • We are not paid by any investment or insurance company to sell their products.
  • Our #1 focus is guiding clients in meeting their investment objectives, allowing them to realize their financial goals.
  • Our investment portfolios are designed to be diversified, tax-efficient, low-cost, and individualized according to the timeline, goals, ability, and risk tolerance of each client.


Tim Stearns, CFP, ChFEBC, MBA

As registered Investment Advisor Representative and Certified Financial Planner, Tim Stearns offers financial services for individuals, families, and businesses. Independent from any product or company, Tim offers objective solutions and strategies catered to each individual's situation.

Focusing on processes and customization, Tim and his team guide clients in meeting their investment goals. With over 20 years of experience, Tim works to provide exceptional service, comprehensive financial planning, and an unbiased perspective in helping guide you to realizing your financial goals.